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Our solution provides the reach necessary to trade globally. We support multiple currencies, and service clients in various countries across the globe.

Bank Wire Remittance and Payments

Our years of experience have shown us, it’s always good to have multiple solutions in place. We work with several remittance partners to allow our merchants to send and receive money.

It is a convenient, cost effective alternative to traditional money transfer companies that have hidden fees and are not reliable.

The payment solutions we recommend enable merchants to provide a broader segment of payment methods to customers from an extended area span. The cluster of advantages we deliver streamlines competitive fees, fraud prevention and risk management services, updated reports and a boost in conversion rates by increasing target segments through a wider reach.

Leaderpay together with its trusted remittance partners offer services globally, contact our representatives to learn more

Financial Services

Our team of experts will provide you with a complete analysis of your company’s methodologies and goals, an inventory of the areas of your business in need of further development and a comprehensive framework detailing where your company is and where it has the potential to be.

Credit Card Payment processing

Operators are provided with merchant accounts which provide the connection between the acquiring bank and the payment gateway.

Leaderpay together with is key strategic partners delivers payment solutions with credit cards payment platforms already integrated.

We support multiple acquiring banks and alternative payment options such as e-Wallets, Real-Time Bank Transfers and Offline Bank Transfers as well as prepaid/voucher-based solutions – all easily accessed.

Prepaid Cards

Receive money, anywhere, anytime

No bank account required.

Prepaid cards are the easy way to make payments to individuals. Make everyday payments more convenient and secure. Easy to use and reloadable, prepaid cards go everywhere you do. No credit check or bank account needed.

You are always able to shop in store retailers using Chip & PIN for more secure purchase, in addition to online shopping from the biggest online stores worldwide. Use your prepaid card at millions of ATM’s worldwide anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Risk and Fraud Management

Secure electronic transactions require a full checkup before approval. This complex procedure takes little time to complete on the end-customer part, causing no extra-burden, and resides in the analysis of data that not only encompasses payment details, but also personal information regarding the customer. This is verified against risk parameters.

Control risk, diminish uncertainty and upgrade your online environment to threat-proof expedient efficiency. By assessing and augmenting resiliency towards risk factors in an unbiased manner, we can help you reach the point where you are able to take informed and result-oriented risk management decisions. Fraud scrubbing is a paramount requirement of a successful business!

Our anti-fraud measures are designed to lower the inherent and seemingly unavoidable risks that companies often face. We will help you identify the risks associated with a given set of processes and support your business by identifying and neutralizing potential technical loop-holes and other weaknesses. We are dedicated to helping you reduce your exposure to risk factors and to increasing your competitive advantage with an effective anti-fraud plan.

Payment Consultancy

We work with merchants to achieve significant cost reductions from their card acquiring budget, bank transfers, and payouts to clients while also improving structural arrangements and transparency of charges. Online payment solutions are a challenging area for merchants of all sizes.

There are significant underlying complexities, including a changing regulatory landscape, a concentrated supplier market and perceived barriers to change.

This leads to a lack of visibility for merchants, long-standing inefficient processes and unreliable suppliers.

Our team has years of managed risk and focused experience in Gaming, Forex and other high-risk industries. Our professionals are trusted by industry leaders to significantly improve their online payment processing, and optimize the balance between costs and risk.